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Verify DNSBL Listing

Enter the suspected IP address to check the status in our DNSBL's.

If you are listed:

  1. Fix the problem.
  2. Create an account and verify your contact details
  • My email was blocked by 0spam, why?
    • 0spam does not block emails, we provide a report on senders based on spam trap triggers. Mail servers may be configured to bounce, delete or place mail that is flagged by 0spam in a spam folder.
  • Why is my email blocked?
    • Email may have been blocked based on its 0spam reputation by an email provider that you sent to. You should contact your IT or email provider in order to resolve the listing.
  • How do I unblock my email address?
    • 0spam does not block or list by email address, our services list reputation codes based on IP or URLs.
  • What blacklists am I on?
    • You can search the full DNSBL here: Full DNSBL Check
  • How is the 0spam project supported? ◦
    • You can request whitelist access. White list access works in the following way. When an IP that you have management of sends spam to one of our spam traps we will notify you. Once a notification is sent you will have 24 hours to login to our backend and confirm you have resolved the issue. Once you confirm you have resolved the issue no other action is nessisary. If you fail to confirm resolution within 24 hours the IP will be listed like normal and will require removal.
    • This site runs a cpu based donation, in essence if you are on this page you are making a donation with a portion of your CPU power. This allows us to provide this service without using ads or other intrusive methods for revenue. Should you have any questions please let us know.
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